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The Tw Grandeur Machinery Co., Ltd.(TAKA YAMA) is one of the most experienced companies which has produced quality Agriculture machinery for over 30 years in Taiwan. Our company primarily focuses on producing Rice Milling Machine, Rice, Polisher, Complete Rice Mill Plant and Cereal Husking & Whitening Machine.

Grain Cleaners

At Tw Grandeur Machinery Co., Ltd., we strive to bring you the best Agricultural Machine, Rice Mills Plant, Rice Milling Machine and Grain Cleaner for the best price. We are dedicated to fulfill the needs of our customers by offering high quality products as well as prompt and reliable services.
Grain Cleaner


Grain Cleaner

Features :

  • The "TAKA YAMA" Paddy Cleaner, with the best separating capacity and effect there is, this machine may separate efficiently the alien matters, such as straws, limbs, branches, sands, stones, etc.

  • The Machine is separating efficient for various kinds of grain, namely, paddy, corn, barley, wheat, green, beans, red beans, white beans, soya beans, sorghum, etc.

  • As it is an extremely safe and noiseless mode, its operational system can reduce the environment sound pollution. Besides, the unit is blessed with high solidity, practical ness and durability.

Specification :

Capacity Per Hour in Paddy 40-50 tons
Wet Paddy
Power Requiredmotor 3HP*1 / 2HP*1 / 1/4HP*2
Revolutions R.P.M. 235 / 1750 / 11
Machine Dimensions
LxWxH mm
Export Shipment Vol. 416cft / N.W. 1295kgs / 1870kgs

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Tw Grandeur Machinery Co., Ltd. strives to research and develop quality, energy-efficient Grain Cleaner to benefit the consumers. For more information about our high quality standards SCW-500 Grain Cleaner, please contact with us in anytime.